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Transcript of SharePoint 2010 Chat with Product Team Members (public) by:

June 18th, 2010

On May 17th three members of the SharePoint product team participated in a Live Q&A session about SharePoint 2010.  I didn’t see the content posted anywhere yet, so below is the transcript.  SharePoint 2010 Web Content Management topics are covered multiple times!  Enjoy!

Good afternoon! Who are the speakers today?
Hi, I`m Tricia Bush, Director of SharePoint Product Management. I`m joined by two members of my team.

Is there a dial-in number to join this conf?
There is not a dial in number. This is a written Live QandA. We recommend that you view the session video as well. Please ask your questions when you are ready. Thank you!

Logistics: I`m only seeing one question and one answer. Is that expected here?
There will be more questions and answers as the Live QandA progresses. Please submit a question when you are ready. Thank you for joining!

Logistics: Ah, I see a second answer now. Great, looks like it`s working.
Thanks – glad it is working for you!

Are there any live websites on SharePoint 2010 right now?
Hi This is Santanu from the SharePoint team. There are websites live on SharePoint 2010 today, built by customers who participated in our early adopter programs. Customers include – Associated Press, Constellation Energy, Boys Scouts of America, US Olympics Press box.

Can Flash files be embedded? Or just Silverlight video?
Hi, I`m Tricia Bush, Director of SharePoint Product Management. You can embed Flash or Silverlight.

Are there any live websites on SharePoint 2010 right now?
Hi, it looks like we answered that question, but in case you didn`t see it, we had many customers participate in our early adopter program that include the Associated Press, Constellation Energy, Boy Scouts of America and the US Olympics Press Box.

What are the biggest improvements to WCM?
There are several: easy authoring, multi-browser support, social computing enhancements with blogs and wikis (that can be treated as a content type with compliance), sandboxed solutions, out-of-box theming, rich media management, and FAST search.

Are there any improvements for sharing content between multiple websites?
Hello, this is Jean-Paul from the Product Group. We have improved the Content By Query Webpart`s performance so you can share content across multiple sites, even when those sites are located in different sites collections.

How much is FAST search for internet sites?
FAST Search for Internet Sites retails for US $70,000 retail. Actual price will vary depending on licensing type.

What is the browser support for Page editing? Are there level 1 vs level 2 capabilities?
In SharePoint 2010, Firefox, Safari, and IE7 are supported as Tier 1 browsers for page editing.

Can you use normal web controls for presentation on a page?
Hello – This is Santanu. You can use a number of the SharePoint webparts for presentations on web pages. Many of the public facing sites built on Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007, use out-of-box web parts such as Content By Query Webpart, Summary links webpart quite significantly. With SharePoint 2010, there are more webparts like the silverlight player that you can put on publishing pages in .com scenarios.

How is the integration with dynamics CRM? Can I build an internal website with sharepoint that is feed data to it from the CRM?
Hi, integration with Line of Business systems such as Dynamics CRM is done via the Business Connectivity Services (BCS). BCS allows read/write functionality between SharePoint and the back end system.

(thank you for all your great answers so far!)
Thanks – that is nice feedback. These are great questions.

Are there any HTML tables left? Are there any inline styles (instead of CSS-based styling)?
Customers can use straight CSS for pixel-perfect rendering if they prefer or they can chose to use webparts; however, opting for the latter might create table-based layouts, which might not allow for pixel-perfect layouts.

What if any e-Commerce capabilities are there?
Hi. For transactional eCommerce as you would have on a retail site, Microsoft Commerce Server sitting on top of SharePoint would address such needs. Commerce Server 2009 has enhanced integration with SharePoint. For monetizing content, FAST Search for Internet Sites is potentially a good fit.

Can we use Calendar And Inside this Calender (Image)
Hi, will you provide more details? Calendaring functionality is available in SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

Is this server based only or will it be cloud based as well?
Hello – This is Santanu, Product Manager on the SharePoint team. The following skus – SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites (Both Std/Enterprise) can all be licensed on premise, as well as by 3rd party hosters. For next year, we will have an online version SharePoint for Internet sites.

What are some of the improvements to content deployment?
Hi, we`ve made several improvements in content deployment, such as the ability to make updates while pages are being published. I encourage you to go to for more info. Lots of good, updated content out there.

RE: HTML tables question: just the answer I was looking for. Thanks.
Thanks – happy to help!

Could I run sharepoint for internet sites through Azure?
Hi, great question. Running SharePoint through Azure is something we are currently reviewing.

Does SP 2010 make sense for small business and if so how?
SharePoint is being used by businesses of all sizes. Some of the features and functionality that I`d call out for small business are collaboration both inside the firewall as well as outside with partners in an extranet environment. If finding information either internally or on your .com site is a challenge, SharePoint has best-of-breed search technology embedded. New in SharePoint 2010 is SharePoint For Internet Sites, Standard for small and medium businesses` .coms that retails for $15,000 US.

Can we get rid of “/Pages” in public urls?
Hi — you can use either an HTTP module or an HTTP handler in ASP.NET to perform the rewriting.

Can you use Content Query Webpart as Marquee News
Hi. I`m not entirely familiar with the term “Marquee News”, but if you mean bringing in the Top Stories into a web part, absolutely! Microsoft does this with its intranet, federating news from various sources.

In the previous version, Internet sites still had to download a few hundred kilobytes of javascript. Is there a way to disable that in this version?
Hi — no especially because we have made a lot of investment in Ajax and what might seem like a tax (downloading javascript upfront) actually pays back because of way fewer rountrips between the client and the server.

Can I download Sharepoint for Internet Sites and run it from my local client machine or do I have to have windows server. Trying to get an idea if Sharepoint can serve as our cms for extneral websites?
Hello. SharePoint requires Windows Server. It can absolutely be used, and is today by thousands of customers, as a content management system. Many of our customers find value in having a single CMS for internal and external content. There are many new ECM features in SharePoint 2010 including multi-stage retention policy, document sets, etc.

Could SharePoint for Internet Sites be used for a user-generated-content / community-based site? e.g., users register on the site, then respond to forums, post content, etc.
Hi — Absolutely. SharePoint For Internet Sites suppports your requirement re: building communities and social computing / supporting end-user generated content.

There is a lot of confusion out there about what Sharepoint is. Can you point me to a succinct definition and or video that explains it?
SharePoint is THE business platform for the enterprise and internet. You can find a video here – – on what SharePoint 2010 can do for you.

Can you edit HTML rich text using Datasheet view?
Hi, no but SharePoint Designer or VS Studio allows you to.

Please avoid using abbreviations that not all will know. No MS internal speak. 😉
Thanks for letting us know. We will avoid that.

What are some of the improvements to Variations / Multi-lingual sites?
Hi this is Santanu from the SharePoint team. In SharePoint 2010, the core architecture of variations and how web pages and site structure are replicated across the multiple variation sites remains the same as in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 but we`ve made primary improvements in 4 main areas: reliability, content distribution and the editing experience. For more details on this topic, follow this post (maintained by The ECM/WCM engineering team). More details at Technet here

We do award-winning information architecture and web design. We are an MS partner. How do we get connected with Microsoft to get SharePoint 2010 internet sites that need good IA or design?
Hi — Certified partners get the opportunity to plug into the SharePoint Deployment Planning Services, which address your need.

Is Search integrated with BCS – in other words, can you search BCS-surfaced data using SharePoint Search? Do you need FAST for this? I`m wondering about Internet scenarios only.
Business Connectivity Services (BCS) allows you to point what line of business database, or components thereof, you want searchable. So, yes, you can search BCS-surfaced data using SharePoint Search. FAST Search provides a richer experience with navigators and their related exact counts, thumbnails in the search preview, and more.

Suggestion: make these QnA session pages resizable. This tiny page is tough to deal with.
H — Thanks for the great feedback. Delighting our customers and partners is our topmost priority and we`ll be sure to factor it in moving forward.

Does Sharepoint for Internet Sites have any built in rendering for smart phones, or the ability to optimize web content for smart phones, iphones, black berries, etc?
Yes, it does. If you want to geek out on this a bit :), see this blog post:

Are we allowed to blog about any of these answers?
Hi, this is Laura. This is a public Website – there are not any restrictions on sharing these answers.

As the scheduled time limit for this approaches: thanks for taking your time to interactively provide these very informative answers!
You`re welcome!

Thanks for the list of websites. If you have any urls to share, please do.
This launch site ( is on SharePoint 2010 as is the SharePoint site. For the US Olympics pressbox, the site is The AP News registry is an authenticated site – you may the case study here and (even see glimpses of the website in this video

For smaller organizations and/or ones that are minimizing the number of SharePoint servers, can 2010 be used to serve internal collaboration (e.g. team sites, intranet) and the company`s public internet site from the same farm?
Hi, from a licensing perspective, this is allowed. However, you will want to make sure you establish the farm with the proper server and capacity throughput for the number hits you expect.

Geek out link returns 404 – File or directory not found.
Bummer! I hate when that happens. Let me know if this one works for you: We have a bunch info published on TechNet.

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David Mead

by David Mead

Sitecore Practice Lead


2 Comments on “Transcript of SharePoint 2010 Chat with Product Team Members (public)”

  1. mahmoud says:

    Can an a Microsoft partner who is able to freely use sharepoint internally , use sharepoint 2010 for his internet site ?

  2. David Mead says:


    That is a good question. I am not the best to answer it. I suggest contacting your Microsoft rep to see what licensing options are available.

    Regarding licensing in general, the Licensing Details page on the official SharePoint 2010 site is here:

    Thanks for reading!

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